The umbrella organization of the Turkish plastics industry PAGEV carries out various projects to contribute to the development of the industry by means of its mission.

In parallel with the PAGEV Voc-Test Center, we engineer and define the Vocational Standards –the constitution of our industry– and vocational core competencies and skills that employees working with injection, extrusion, thermo-form and inflation machines should definitely have in our industry. We will assess and evaluate our employees for the vocational standards and core competencies in the PAGEV Voc-Test Center.

With our Chemical Movetech Project, keeping the needs of the Turkish chemical industry in mind, we plan to adopt the results and the methodology employed in the “CHEMIFOR” project which was carried out in coordination with the Fondo Formacion Euskadi in Spain to improve vocational knowledge and skills of the people working in the chemical industry, at manufacturing processes and waste management in particular.

PAGEV commits itself to the “Responsible Industry, Problem-Free Environment” concept as the leading partner of the EU Commission’s Waste Free Oceans Project in MEA&Turkey. We are responsible for elimination of the marine litter problem in 69 countries as part of this project.

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