Mission and values

Our mission for plastics

The reason plastics have steadily replaced many traditional materials is because they offer many improvements in performance (reduction in the consumption of scare resources, a reduction in energy requirements, a lower cost)

Plastics are also inherently capable of meeting the needs of sustainable development. Economically: they provide cost-efficient market solutions. Socially: they have been developed with little compromise – to perform exactly as is required to meet society’s growing demands. Environmentally: performance can now be matched with ensured safety in use and managed environmental impact in production and at end-of-life.

Plastics are now an essential part of our world. If they did not already exist, society would have to invent a material with all of the same properties to enable our survival. Continuous development and improvement of what these amazing materials can do, and how we manage them throughout their lifecycle will ensure that they continue to add value for us.

Therefore, as an industry, we see plastics' mission as being simply:

"to meet people’s needs better”

PAGEV's mission is to gather plastics companies in Turkey under one roof, engage in local and international professional organizations to enable its member companies to achieve current technological standards, cooperate with training institutions in the field of plastics, keep abreast of global developments in plastics with a view towards improving and disseminating plastics training in Turkey, train technical personnel, and ensure that quality is regarded a philosophy in plastics. Moreover, evolving into one of the most powerful plastics organizations in the world, building a cooperation among the shareholders from all industries, innovating, and creating a transparent and sustainable environment to ensure that consumers prefer plastic products with inner peace are part of PAGEV’s vision.

PAGEV's values

Innovative: Our industry's pioneering outlook and our courage to face challenges and innovate, allows us to take advantage of opportunities and find new solutions.

Reliable: We understand that behaving honestly, transparently and straight forwardly, and always delivering on what we say will build confidence in our promises.

Responsible: We know that demonstrating responsible care and showing a willingness to accept long term commitments will build the trust necessary to share measured risks.

Efficient: The ability to consistently control complex things helps our stakeholders to have confidence that we can handle difficult challenges that they don’t understand.

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