Switch off the engine with plastics!

Using plastic to exploit the power of the wind can reduce a ship’s fuel consumption considerably, which means lower oil consumption and less CO2 emissions!

6,800 Horse power generated by wind power – sailing container ships

The next-generation power engine for cargo ships, yachts, large oil tankers and cruise liners is currently been produced in series: a wind-powered towing kite propulsion system. The towing sails manufactured by SkySails consist of a large towing kite similar to a paraglider of up to 5,000 m2 in size. The propulsion system uses offshore wind power to tow the ship along its required course. With a propulsion power of up to 6,800 PS, the aerofoil relieves the ship’s engine and reduces the vessel’s fuel consumption by up to 50% in favourable sailing conditions. The environmentally friendly, innovative towing kite with fully automatic control is made from high-strength, weather-resistant plastic fabrics.

Plast Eurasia 23-26 November 2022
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