Food Contact

Food contact represents a significant application for the plastics industry. Food Contact plastics mean those plastics that are used to manufacture packaging, containers, utensils, electrical parts (and other) for foodstuffs.

Apart from their wrapping or storage function, packaging and containers have to meet the continuous demands of the market and need to protect food against spoilage, have to meet shelf life and temperature conditions, European packaging standards but above all have to be safe for the consumer.

Stringent Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock regulations are in place to safeguard this consumer safety and are updated on a regular basis in order to meet changing marketing trends and consumer habits.

PAGEV has a group of food contact experts to address these regulatory updates and works with its value chain partners, research institutes, regulators and agencies towards a continuous assurance of consumer safety.

More information on food contact regulations can be found at:

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