11. PAGEV Turkish Plastics Industry Congress
11. PAGEV Turkish Plastics Industry Congress
  • Location
    Hilton İstanbul Bomonti Hotel
  • Date
    06-12-2016 - 30-04-2015
  • Contact Us
    Canan Erdoğan - canan.erdogan@pagev.net.tr

PAGEV Turkish Plastics Industry Congress Organization Committee is pleased to invite you to take part in the 11th PAGEV Turkish Plastics Industry Congress on “Future of Transportation Vehicles: PLASTICS”, which takes place on December 6, 2016, the day before Plast Eurasia, at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel.

When developing transportation vehicle solutions, designers need to find the right balance between high performance, competitive pricing, style, reliability, comfort, safety, strength, fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Plastics are accepted as the only material that can optimally meet these parameters and shape the future of transportation vehicles. Plastic components weigh 50 percent less than similar components made from other materials, which means a 25 to 35% improvement in fuel economy. For every kilogram lost, a car will emit 20 kilograms of carbon dioxide less over its operating life. Plastics bring lightweight solutions without compromising fire safety when approved according to engineering standards. Aircraft industry is yet another example of how plastics and innovative designs are connected; amount of plastics consumed in this industry is expected to reach a $10.5 billion worth of market share by 2018.

Underscoring that the most effective material to meet emerging and increasing demands of transportation industry is plastics, this Congress will provide a unique platform to exchange ideas for leading experts, academics, business leaders and investors from the industry. We will be glad to welcome you to our Congress among other speakers and specialists from leading companies from all around the world.

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