The plastic, which is used in every aspect of life and a miracle of chemistry is; light, durable, flexible, sustainable and a building block in all industries. From architecture to automotive, from automotive to white goods, from white goods to packing... It is indispensable in many industries.


The plastic industry, which has established itself as a particular branch of industry as the industry and technology has developed over the world, occupies also a strong position in Turkey. In the light of sector reports, this position is explained by the Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation (PAGEV) as follows; “Making a contribution of 13 billion dollars to the national economy in 2015, the plastics industry in Turkey comprises of around 6.500 producing companies, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises and which also provide employment for almost 250.000 staff. With its success in the charts that it achieved last year, the sector maintained its rank of second place in Europe. The sector, which was number seven in the world ranking in 2014, has moved up to rank sixth with a share of % 2,7. Regarding the analyzed numbers presented by the sector, its seen that the Turkish Plastics Industry, which has attained success with its rising trends, has brought great benefits to sustain the country’s economic stability and development. By means of the information provided by the Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation, the strength of Turkish Plastics Industry and its contributions to Turkish economy is clearly understood.

Considering the positive impression on the Turkish Plastics Industry; in cooperation with TÜYAP and PAGEV (Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation) the second biggest plastics industry fair worldwide and the biggest fair of Turkey and Eurasia, the Plast Eurasia Istanbul; the 26th International Istanbul Plastics Industry Fair has grown in importance. We are expecting to see sector professionals in this commercial platform which offers the opportunity to see all innovations and cutting-edge products together.

Please note the date of Plast Eurasia Istanbul on 7 (Wednesday) – 10 (Saturday) December 2016 in Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. which is preparing to bring over 1000 qualified visitors and around 50.000 professional visitors together. Don’t miss the chance to see all the current sector developments up close.

For details about the fair, please visit the web page: www.plasteuraisa.com

Plast Eurasia 4-7 December 2024
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