Recycling Monitoring Platform MORE is available in Turkey simultaneously with the EU

PAGEV's nationwide recycling initiative, launched with the slogan "Plastics has a great place in our lives but no place in nature", takes a new turn with a program to encourage the use of recycled raw materials. As part of PAGEV's 14th Plastics Industry Congress, PAGEV President Yavuz Eroğlu and EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis signed a protocol for PAGEV's inclusion in the Monitoring Recyclates for Europe (MORE) Project as Turkish stakeholder.

The 14th PAGEV Turkish Plastics Industry Congress focused on recycling as the crucial factor in environmental protection. Under the main theme of “Recycling from the Perspective of Climate Change and Zero Waste", the Congress featured subject matter experts who discussed the matter from all aspects. Developments in recycling technologies were introduced with emphasis on growing interest in recycled plastic, which is regarded a key component in the fight against the global climate crisis.

Speaking in the Congress, EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis explained the MORE (Monitoring Recyclates for Europe) Project, which is a voluntary commitment for plastics producers in the EU to increase the use of recycled plastics in finished products to 10 million tons per year by 2025. PAGEV was chosen as the Turkish stakeholder of the MORE Project. The protocol was signed by PAGEV President Yavuz Eroğlu and EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis.

Noting that MORE would be launched in Turkey at the same time as the EU, PAGEV President Yavuz Eroğlu continued: “At PAGEV, we are closely following worldwide developments and trends that concern our industry. Recycling has been a key agenda items in recent years, and continues to rise in importance. And we do our part to ensure that recycling becomes more visible and practicable both among the industry and in the society. This is why we are delighted to be the Turkish stakeholder of the MORE (Monitoring Recyclates for Europe) Project. With MORE, we hope to increase the use of recycled raw materials in Turkey by recording the monitoring the quantities of recyclates used. Since MORE is an international platform, Turkish companies registered to the system will have competitive advantage in exporting to global food, detergent and cosmetics producers in the EU.”

About MORE:
To create a more sustainable economy for plastics in the EU, the industry has to become more circular, for example by increasing the amount of recycled polymers used. The plastics converting industry in Europe composed of 50,000 SMEs decided to set up a common voluntary industrial approach.

MORE is helping the plastics industry to become more circular by collecting the volume of recycled polymers that is used in the creation of new products, and stimulating a higher uptake of recycled polymers in the European plastics recycling industry.

MORE was developed by the European Plastics Converters (EuPC) in collaboration with its member organisations and in support of the European Commission’s objective to reach the target of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers used annually by 2025. The collected consolidated data will only be used to report on the uptake of recycled polymers at European and national level. In addition to MORE, the plastics industry has committed itself to an ambitious set of further measures to create a circular economy. The Voluntary Commitments of the European plastics industry can be found at

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